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The Original Five [SE] + Bluegrass Jamsession

12 april@19:30-22:00

Omsider er det tid til Bluegrass igen i Roots Aarhus. Både Mie og Mads er kritiske når vi udvælge programmet, men dette band har i højeste grad vores “stamp of approval”. Vi mødte dem første gang i 2016 på IBMA i Raleigh NC og har fulgt dem siden.

Since 2010 The Original Five have established themselves as one of Europe’s most in demand bluegrass bands. Their own compositions are mixed with traditional bluegrass, well known country favorites and ventures into jazz, gospel, and folk music. A broad palette of musical experiences held together by a solid bluegrass background. A spontaneous and warm interaction with the audience, genuine joy of playing, deep respect for the tradition and a will to experiment comes together as a playful musical journey, across the Atlantic and back again, that appeals to bluegrass fans, country music fans and the general music lover. Great harmony singing and virtuoso playing makes for a musical experience at a level seldom heard in this part of the world.  


The Original Five has released four studio albums.  They have also recorded a live album in cooperation with a Swiss chamber orchestra. Studio album number five is expected to be released during 2023. The band has played several hundred shows across Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark and of course in the home of Bluegrass music, USA.

Dobro, Vocals: Daniel Olsson


12 april
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The Original Five [SE] + Bluegrass Jamsession - Roots Aarhus